How can you get more value from B2B payment programmes?

PayTech Commercial is focused on delivering cloud-based analytics solutions to help banks and their clients gain new and actionable insights focusing on valuable, manageable and scalable opportunities primarily in B2B.  Our tools include OPTIMA:

A tool that enables Issuers to engage with their clients in a new way: targeting the most relevant card-able volume to efficiently grow programmes based on the most receptive supplier relationships 


An online tool to help end user Corporate and Public Sector clients to run objective RFP’s for Commercial Cards measuring and aligning provider responses and capability against a desired future state and business case enabling a buying versus shopping experience

In 2019, we imported $500 billion+ spend data (AP/Invoice/PO files) and 15 million transactions. We provided expert analysis and high probability, easy-to-implement business case scenarios for Buyers and Suppliers. We match the best payments opportunities for all parties. Average turnaround time is four working days. We’re moving to machine learning this year.

Please contact Vince Eavis,, for a free demonstration.