Our analytics team is a specialist provider of payments business insight. 

Using advanced data science, and drawing on our proven methodologies, we offer payments businesses deeper insights into their portfolios, including consumer behaviour and profitability. Our services include both standardized and customized offerings. And we can work either onsite with our clients or directly from our secure digital platform and European infrastructure.

Card Portfolio Diagnostics 

Our toolbox, CPD™ offers a broad set of performance indicators and card portfolio measures covering the whole lifecycle, from sales, to activation, to usage, to attrition. Backed up by our industry expertise, CPD™ is unique. Developed by our own people, it can help credit and debit issuers to identify new opportunities – significantly increasing the value our clients can create.

Customer segmentation

Information on simple "averages" won’t enable you to improve the performance of a card portfolio. That’s why segmentation is key to our approach. As well as simple demographics, we use advanced micro-segmentation based on cardholders' actual behaviour and spending. This enables clients to invest their resources more effectively and cost efficiently.

Predictive modelling

With our skills and tools, we enable issuers to make well-informed predictions (like the probability of a customer becoming profitable, responding positively to a marketing campaign, becoming dormant and so on). Predictions can be developed for specific segments or we can drill-down right to the individual cardholder level.

On-going insight 

Our analytics experts can work with you on ad-hoc assignments, or as part of a longer-term cooperation, bringing constant, close-to-real time insight. This way, we help you track your performance day-to-day or month-to-month, via a mobile or web-based dashboard. And, beyond reporting, our predictive analysis could be integrated with CRM systems, enabling auto-creation of leads based on customer behaviour.

Data security

Safeguarding data is key to what we do.  We can either process data directly on our clients' platforms or, in our own secure servers, hosted in a robust, Tier III facility, certified to both ISO 9001 and ISO14001. Usually there is no need to receive anything but anonymized data to provide our services, and all data is transferred using high encryption algorithms.