The NAPCP Launches Survey Seeking End-User Views on the Evolution of the Commercial Card and Payments Industry

Wayzata, Minnesota, October 20, 2016―( The NAPCP and Capital One have launched a survey asking Commercial Card and Payments end-users to share views on the evolution of the industry’s technology. Respondents’ current use of the most advanced technology, plus organizations’ anticipated adoption of new payments methods, will reveal end-users’ program successes and painpoints. By participating, end-users will give direction to the industry providers that serve them.

The survey includes questions surrounding:

  • EMV
  • Blockchains
  • Virtual Cards
  • Tokenization

“This exclusive survey with our Elite Partner Sponsor, Capital One, examines how advances in payment technology have benefited our constituents to date,” said Diane McGuire, NAPCP Managing Director. “And on the opposite end of the spectrum, the survey will identify some of the barriers that prevent program administrators from adopting new technologies we know would benefit them tremendously. On the provider side, we hope the survey results will guide the industry to identify methods, products and practices that will better serve end-users.”

The survey is open to NAPCP members and complimentary subscribers through Friday, November 4, 2016 at (To become a complimentary subscriber visit It is estimated that it will take only 15 minutes to answer the questions. Anonymity is guaranteed. The return on this small time investment is immense as those who complete the survey and provide adequate contact information will receive access to the full results report. In addition, end-users can benefit from key educational takeaways:

  • Receive keen insight into what industry peers are thinking.
  • Learn which new payment technologies are more popular than others and why.
  • Determine the types of “new” payment technologies most organizations have adopted or are planning on adopting. 

About the NAPCP

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