The PayTech Risk Management provides a full range of fraud management and credit risk management services. In each case, our aim is to enhance your business performance – and ensure that your risk management functions never stand in the way of wider business success.


With every assignment, our starting point is a thorough analysis of your existing performance. We get under the skin of your business. We set-out to understand your challenges and constraints. And, just as important, we identify the areas where you already excel – as this is often a springboard for improvement.


With a clear understanding of your performance, we plot a route to improved performance. This could be: the creation of new risk strategies; an overhaul of your collections; or a more disciplined approach to your statistical analysis or your authorisation parameters.


We identify skill gaps in your team. And, to fill those gaps, we may develop and deliver a bespoke program of training and development.

Implement & Operate

Following through on our recommendations is our favourite part of the job. We want to see our assignments through to the end. So we aim to be involved in the implementation, and to ensure that our programs have a tangible, measurable impact.