Across the world, reward and loyalty programs have never been more popular with consumers.

They have an impact on which card propositions a consumer selects and their subsequent spend behaviours.  And, done right, they feed right through to your portfolio performance and profitability. 

But, with lower interchange rates and tighter revenues, the commercial models that underpin many traditional loyalty programs are under increasing pressure.  And, with a crowded loyalty market, consumers are picky about personalized, high-value rewards.

Against this background, we are working with issuers to re-imagine their loyalty programs. 

Our approaches include

  • Creating differentiating loyalty programs – to stand-out from the pack
  • Focusing on analytics – to target high-value cardholders with behaviour changing offers
  • Turning to retailer-funded offers – to source personalized, high-value rewards
  • Making full use of mobile and digital – as a real-time delivery mechanism
  • Implementing statement credits – to facilitate friction-free redemption
  • Forging new merchant partnerships – to increase differentiation and reward values
  • Introducing geo-location – to create value and increase personalization 
  • Applying disciplined commercial modelling – to anticipate costs and understand value