Payments was once a staid and steady business.  Today, it is a hotbed of investment and innovation.  And, beyond the traditional players, the industry ecosystem is inhabited by a new generation of Fintech entrepreneurs and global digital giants.

At PayTech, we can help you win in the new world of payments. With our ears to the ground and our fingers on the pulse (but our feet planted firmly on the ground), we can show you what lies behind the hype – and how your business can benefit.

Areas of specialization include

Mobile & NFC

Everyone knows that mobile has big implications for payment providers. As an authoritative and un-biased source of expertise with a mobile-first mind-set, PayTech can help you: set-out your mobile strategy; select the best routes to market; implement new solutions; and target new customer segments.


Thanks to its speed and convenience, contactless is opening up new merchant segments, and improving the payment experience. PayTech can help you get optimum benefits. Our experts can bring you right up-to-speed on the latest status, plan your implementation, and optimize your performance.

Third Party Wallets

In the new world of digital commerce, third party wallets are quickly capturing significant volumes.  But what’s the impact on your business and customer relationships?  PayTech can help you frame your strategic response, plan your implementation, and devise your messaging and communications.


PayTech works with issuers and acquirers alike to make eCommerce more of a strategic opportunity and less of a drain on resources and profitability. We can help you: differentiate your products and services; bring significant performance improvements; unlock new revenue streams; and penetrate new customer segments.


Thanks to their ‘pay-before’ business model, their extreme flexibility, and their related risk characteristics, prepaid cards enable you to target significant new segments. PayTech can help you: identify the most profitable opportunities; develop appropriate solutions; and implement them in a way that will bring success.

Social Media

Everyone’s asking the questions… How can I use social media to engage more effectively? And what future impact will it have on my business? At PayTech, we can give you authoritative answers. And we can help you plan and implement your own solutions.

The new and exciting solutions that haven't been invented (yet)

Around the world, we’re always on the lookout for new tools and techniques that can improve your performance. We spot and evaluate new opportunities in real-time. We know what can distinguish and differentiate. And we can always give you an impartial assessment of 'the next big thing' (whatever it may be).