We work with both issuers and acquirers to help them address the challenges of increased regulation, heightened competition, a more complex ecosystem and ever-greater levels of consumer and retailer expectation.

Because we work across the globe, we can see how different businesses are adapting to the new environment.  In Europe for example, the new interchange regulation (IFR) has re-set the way that the industry operates, and the new Payment Services Directive (PSD2) is mandating new levels of transparency and access.  As well as helping European clients to adapt to the new reality, we export our learnings to other geographies, and help clients prepare for challenges ahead.

Techniques we deploy include:

Data management and portfolio optimization

To help clients get a closer grip on their business and its performance (right down to the cardholder or merchant level), and identify opportunities for optimization.

New and enhanced revenue streams

To help clients to pinpoint and pursue the more profitable areas of the business, including cross-border payments, smarter lending solutions, consumer-to-commercial portfolio shifts, and the opportunity for chargeable, value-added benefits.

Cost efficiencies and savings

To help both issuers and acquirers to understand and manage their cost-drivers and to make smart savings which do not undermine their wider business success. Often we will ensure that the right fees and rates are being applied across the business.

Lifecycle management programs

To ensure that every opportunity to create value and earn revenues is effectively pursued, including customer acquisition, activation, early-months-on-book, usage and balance building, and retention.