How can you get more value from B2B payments?

Unusually, members of the PayTech team have worked on both sides of the fence – both in the payment businesses that provide procurement and T&E solutions, and in the companies that use them. 

Drawing on this ‘dual perspective’ we help payment businesses to create better solutions, and we help large corporations to get more value from them.  


Strategy Development

It all starts with the strategy.  To help you get this all-important step just right, we can: define vision and values; identify and quantify business opportunities; establish measurable objectives; secure commitment from stakeholders; and scope out your project.

Product Development & Management

We work with you to craft the ideal product and proposition.  To do so, we can: source all the necessary components; work through the cost and revenue dynamics; establish the KPIs; develop the launch campaign; and ensure it lives up to its potential.

Sales & Account Management

We help you to implement an effective sales process.  We work with you to: determine your distribution strategies; develop your sales tools; train and develop your sales teams; and implement a winning RFP and pitching process.

Program Optimization

Using our proprietary tools we can analyse and benchmark your performance. We can identify opportunities for improvement (from acquisition to activation and usage). And, we can work through a practical, actionable set of recommendations.




We work for multinational clients across North America, EMEA, LAC and APAC, helping them to design, source and manage effective payment solutions.  Together, we: 

  • Identify opportunities 
  • Set goals
  • Source solutions
  • Plan and implement programs
  • Optimize performance

Having led global card program projects for large multinationals. We understand the realities of multi-national change projects, and how to overcome the challenges.  Also, we have no vested interests.  For example, when we work with global companies to manage their RFI and RFP processes, we do not make recommendations or have a scoring role. Instead, we provide guidance and direction, using proven methodologies, proprietary tools and robust approaches.